Basement Water Proofing

Basement Water Proofing 2018-05-31T16:10:55+00:00

Coastal Crawl Space Wilmington NC

Guardian® Footer Channel Drainage System

The Guardian Basement System is our rugged stand-alone footer system – offers superior protection against basement water seepage and is easy to installation. The Guardians innovational design incorporates the subfloor system with wall drainage. Water enters the system through the weep wholes tapped into the base of the walls and flows through the Guardian System to the sump pump. The open back design allows water to enter the system for the full length of the channel. Other systems restrict water intake by punching holes in the back. The three ridged spacers along the backside fin of the Guardian System catches water that may come down the wall from a crack or window well. The Guardian system will be your main solution for water problems in your basement for good!