Mold Remediation

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Mold Removal

Soda Blasting kills organic contaminates as well as mold spore removal. With this service, your basements and crawlspaces will smell clean again, mold and wood stains will be removed. Your home will have a heather air quality for your entire family. Soda Blasting is environmentally safe and today’s preferred method of cleaning.

This revolutionary technique is four times faster than hand sanding and brushing, and leaves wood with what can best be described as an almost like new appearance. The process also provides a more thorough cleaning than previous techniques. This method entails a high-pressure compressed-air spray using a baking soda abrasive. We’ve found that this method cleans irregular crawl space floor surfaces which would be both labor intensive and impossible to clean by manual scrubbing and HEPA vacuuming. The best method for removing all mold in a crawlspace, basement is by soda blasting all the wood. Soda Blasting may be best suited for homeowners with moderate to high levels of mold growth.

During the removal Coastal Crawl Space Solutions will use a negative air machine in the upper level of the home to prevent cross contamination. We will also depressurize the crawl space this prevents crawl space air with high mold levels from entering the house.